Anna Cain – District 9 Candidate

Anna Cain

My name is Anna Cain and I am running for County Board Supervisor, District 9.

I’m a local mom, enthusiastic about bringing families in our community together. This has led me to do all kinds of things community-related such as volunteering, creating a playgroup and a meal train program. I am always open and looking for other ways to serve the Manitowoc community since they have been so good to me, and I believe running for County Board Supervisor in District 9 could offer just that opportunity.

Currently, our County Board has great representation for our older population. I believe that is awesome! Unfortunately, we do not have enough representation for families and particularly for young mothers. This has to change if we really want to be in touch with the needs of our next generation. My hope is that if I lead the way, other moms might also want to get more involved and represent their districts to help give our families and children a louder voice.

Here is a deeper look at my platform:

I believe our founding fathers did a glorious job drawing up the supreme law of our land. Sadly, we no longer teach our children the United States constitution or even Wisconsin’s constitution. If we are not taught the supreme laws, how then can we know when they are being infringed upon by individual interests or government? I carry both constitutions with me most days of the week for quick reference and will be using those as my foundation when issues come before the board.

I believe the people in my county are very hard workers and they should keep every single penny that they can. While we do need our community to be kept in a smooth and functioning state, I would prefer families have the freedom to choose where their money goes. More money in our pockets means more to spend at our wonderful local businesses. Freedom of choice is fundamental to our American way.

I am all about community involvement. Many times, we call upon the government to fix problems that would be better solved by members of our own community through various volunteer programs. I will work to expand the volunteer network available in this community, utilizing my creativity and ability to bring people in and get them involved.

If elected, you would be placing your trust in a mom that is passionate about improving the quality of family life, who loves serving her community through creativity, determination and a focus on living within our means.

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Thank you so much for your support!

Please vote Anna Cain on April 5th for County Board Supervisor, District 9!