Matthew Phipps

Matthew D. Phipps lives in Manitowoc county with his wife, Charity, a youth development advocate, and their
three children: Lucas, Liam and Rosemary. The family has lived in the Manitowoc Public School District for over
seven years. Matthew Phipps graduated from Manitowoc Lincoln High School and received his Bachelor’s of
Science in Technology Education from University of Wisconsin Stout. He is an entrepreneur and hands-on
owner/operator of a local business (Phipps Construction). His company has over fifteen years of success and
community involvement. Phipps has also been active in community programs such as coaching American Legion baseball and developing youth apprenticeship students.


My Name is Matthew D. Phipps. With your support, I would be honored to serve on the Manitowoc Public School District Board and give back to this community of hard-working individuals that helped me become the problem-solving and motivated free-thinker I am today. This community helped shape my character and instilled values of respect and honesty to all people. I will hold myself accountable for my actions, fighting for the best outcomes for our children. People are what make a community great and I will listen to the People and put the words of parents and students into action.

I’m a voice of truth from the everyday hard-working family. Common sense and objective goals need to be set, monitored and achieved. If there is a problem it needs to be fixed; not overlooked and accompanied by excuses and obsessive finger-pointing. Our school board needs to hold itself
accountable on performance. Students need to be taught how, not just what, to learn. Parents are and always need to be in charge of all decisions
for their children and our schools need to remain a safe brick and mortar institution where children can grow to become lifelong learners.

With my teaching background and real-world experience I can bridge the gap to solve problems most effectively to provide the best outcome for
our children. Our community should always focus on the development of the whole child, helping all students learn and grow to become
productive members of society. I think responsibility and accountability is the path that students need to follow; lifting the load, working hard at
projects and never giving up is how students become successful in life.

I ask for you to vote for me, Matthew Phipps, so I can get to work on the future success of Manitowoc Public School District. I will lift the load, be a voice for our children’s future and provide real world solutions to ever-changing challenges.

God Bless,

Matthew D. Phipps

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