Matthew Spaulding


My name is Matthew Spaulding. I was born in Green Bay and raised in West DePere, Wisconsin. I attended St.
Boniface Elementary School, switching to public school in my high school years and graduating from West
DePere High School in 1995. I went on to attend NWTC for Police and Corrections Science because I knew I
wanted to be a police officer. I worked for four years in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections before
moving to Phoenix, Arizona to work for America’s Toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s
Office. I spent a good amount of my career in Law Enforcement, working in the Intelligence Unit fighting
white supremacy, gangs and security threat groups.

I loved my career but my family and my daughter will always be a top priority for me. I wanted my daughter to benefit from the same educational opportunities that I enjoyed so I moved my family back home to Wisconsin. With that being said, until our Lord and Savior calls me home I will fight to see that our greatest investment, our children (including my own) receive the education they require and deserve in order to grow into successful young adults within this great community.


• A strong focus on SAFETY for our teachers and students by working together with local law enforcement and the Manitowoc judicial branch to
establish effective legal guidelines to reinforce discipline and safety in our schools.

• No vaccine or mask mandates, PERIOD; medical sovereignty over our own families MUST be preserved.

• The Parents of our students MUST be noticed of curriculum changes and new curriculum proposals and protocol.

• Removing all remnants of CRT and EDI, et al, from our taxpayer-funded schools. These morals and values are to be taught at home by the
PARENTS. The government and/or schools have NO business overstepping educational boundaries in order to indoctrinate OUR children into
divisive political ideologies.

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