Ryan Phipps – District 11 Candidate

Ryan Phipps (left) and the Phipps Family

My name is Ryan William Phipps and I am running for County Board Supervisor in
District 11.

I was born and raised right here in Manitowoc County where I was heavily influenced by the many outstanding men and women in the community who set examples of solid morals, values and work ethic. I was also blessed to be able to spend significant time working alongside my family on family farms where I learned the value and integrity of an honest job well done. Additionally, I assisted my father with his maintenance repair business, experiencing the lessons and blessings of independence while observing the
persistence needed to persevere in the business world. During this time I attended public and Christian schools in the Valders and Manitowoc areas, graduating from Lincoln High School and pursuing an industrial mechanic career at Lakeshore Technical College.

I started Phipps Construction, LLC in 2004 with an old Ford truck, a trailer and a few hand tools. I worked past exhaustion, sun up to sun down for many years to grow a future, using that strong work ethic and persistence I learned as a child to push through tough times. During those times I grew closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as I
learned very quickly that my effort, alone, wasn’t always enough.

I have accepted the responsibility of setting a good example, mentoring young adults in apprenticeship programs and creating careers for many loyal, hardworking and consistent employees. With my brother’s partnership, my wife’s support and the sobering admiration of my five young children we have been able to build and maintain a strong team, taking steps to expand and grow in several construction fields.

Our family actively participates in our community, coaching baseball for Newton, serving on the School Board and Church Council for Newtonburg, getting involved at local public school board meetings and donating time and resources to several honorable organizations throughout our state. Reflecting upon my faith, diverse upbringing and years of business experience I feel God has been preparing me to take further steps in serving our community by running for the Manitowoc County Supervisor position in District 11.

Over the past few years I have seen the leadership in our country, state, and community become complacent, losing focus on who they truly serve. I have a strong desire to serve you, the people of our community, to defend our Constitution and protect our freedoms and liberties here at home. Together, we will re-unite with that fighting spirit that lies at the foundation of family, faith and everything that is integral in molding us into the best version of ourselves we can be.

With your vote, I will fight to ensure that families keep more of their hard-earned money and our government is held to efficient, honorable and ACCOUNTABLE standards in allocating your tax contributions. I will hold the line on taxes and advocate for there never being a County sales tax. I will focus on keeping County debt low while maintaining our roads, facilities and equipment and most importantly I will hold myself accountable in attending to the needs of our citizens that fall within my scope of responsibility.

Please Vote Ryan Phipps on April 5 for District 11 County Board Supervisor.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any concerns at: