Scott Schiesl – District 7 Candidate

Scott Schiesl

My name is Scott Schiesl and I am running for County Board Supervisor, District 7.

Especially at a time of rampant inflation we cannot afford high taxes and excessive
and irresponsible government debt. I support Bob Ziegelbauer’s long-term fiscal
goals and priorities which include:

• Holding the line on taxes
• Keeping our county debt low
• Maintaining our existing infrastructure with a transparent fiscal responsibility
focus, respecting the foundation of true representation.

I support law enforcement and am a strong proponent for the health and safety of
our children, elderly, handicapped and disabled. I am a family-oriented and constitutionally-grounded lifelong Manitowoc County resident who is determined to keep Manitowoc a wholesome and enjoyable place to live and visit.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at
Thank you for your consideration and I am counting on your vote on April 5 !

Vote Scott Schiesl on April 5 for District 7!